Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FoggedClarity.com Seeks Exceptional Fiction and Poetry

Arts Review Fogged Clarity is now accepting submissions for our March and April editions. Submissions should be sent to submissions@foggedclarity.com. Our February (debut) issue is free and available at http://www.foggedclarity.com/.

In it you will find new work from poets Bruce Smith, Amy King, and Peter Ciccariello, experimental photography by Kyle Jones and Ryan Daly, short fiction by Dmitri Gheorgheni, and much more. Fogged Clarity aims to transcend the conventions of the typical literary review by incorporating music, the visual arts, interviews, and political exposition.

Our ambition is to form a community of artists whose interaction is not constrained by medium, but broadened by a collective love of expression. Our network is extensive, and our passion for ventilation intense. We sincerely hope you will join us, and share the fruits of your own fogged clarity.

-- Executive Editor, "Fogged Clarity"http://www.foggedclarity.com/


aine said...

an inspiring site

Mary Ann Powers said...

Thanks Aine!

I hope you'll drop by again:)