Friday, April 3, 2009

People talk and talk and talk

At least they talk to me. I've been accused of being a freak magnet even though I'm pretty sure that I'm just a good listener.

For instance, just by listening I've learned:

  • No less than three theories about where Elvis is currently living.
  • A really good reason never to eat frog legs.
  • How to subframe a car.
  • Three really good reasons not to drink tequila.
  • What to say to your ex that will constitute terroristic threatening.
  • All about french drains
  • Why artificial sweeteners will kill you
  • The merits of implants versus real boobs

I could go on and on but you'd probably rather I didn't. The cool thing is that all of these things will surface somewhere in my writing one day. Even if it's just something that I know about a character that no one else does.

If you're not a natural freak magnent like me then you may have to be a little sneaky about it. I'd suggest sitting on a bench in your local box store. You'd be amazed at what you can learn in just half an hour.