Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Candy: The beginning of the end

photo courtesy of Flickr

Halloween can mean the beginning of winter weight gain. You start with the leftover candy, segue into fall baking, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies and candies, the grand Christmas feast and finish it off with a Superbowl party.

But, Halloween candy can be okay if you watch what you're doing.

  • Eat Tootsie Pops instead of Tootsie Rolls. I know those cute little rolls only have 13 calories to a pop's 60. But realistically the pop will last lots longer. And who are you trying to kid? You'll never eat just one Tootsie Roll.

  • Eat Peanut M&M's instead of regular M&M's in the Fun Pak size. You'll save 50 calories a bag.

  • Choose Milk Duds over a fun size Milky way and save 50 calories.

  • Have a treat size of Twizzlers instead of raisins and you'll save 55 calories.

Don't take this as permission to sit and snack as you write. I you're going to splurge just have one or two servings after that, step away from the pumpkin. I also advocate purchasing candy that you don't like (Skittles, YUCK!) and not overbuying just because it's a bargain. With a little planning you can put off the weight gain until the PTA Bake Sale!

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Lela said...

I am totally into the peanut-m&m-candy corn crack that I hand mix. Only the finest. I've been eating it for two weeks already. You think that's why I've gained 2 pounds? Hmm....