Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Best Sites for Online Shopping

Want to save money on Christmas gifts? Then shop early and shop online. Here are a few of the best deals going right now.

  • is my go to site. Their shipping charges range from Free to 2.99. At the time of this post they have $1.00 shipping site wide. One of their best deals right now is a Wii Docking Station for 26.99 which is considerably less than the 109.98 list price. Make sure shop this site early. Quanitities are limited on many items.

  • can get virtually anything on eBay. When searching select the free shipping option or the lowest price item + shipping. Be careful here. Don't be afraid to email the seller with questions and check out their return policy. If their rating isn't 100% read the complaints. If it's just slow shipping I don't worry. If it's a refusal to refund or a bad product I think twice. Don't forget to price check. Some of this stuff is higher than you can get it elsewhere. Oh, and get yourself an auction sniper.

  • you know that you can order things from their site that they don't carry in the stores. Plus they'll deliver it to the store that you specify for free. If you're traveling out of town for Christmas you could order the gift and have it sent to your destination store. A family member or friend can pick it up for you and you don't have to worry about shipping it or lugging it on the plane.

  • is the place to go for any book you can imagine. They have a huge selection of both new and out of print books. Another plus, they have free shipping on many of their books with no minimum purchase. I found an out of print book here that I'd been in search of for twenty years.

  •'s not all about shoes anymore. Though you can certainly find plenty of them there. They now have electronics, jewelry, housewares etc. Plus, Zappos has free shipping both ways and a returns can be done up to a year later.

What are some of your favorite online shopping sites?

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