Friday, September 19, 2008

Myibay Auction Sniper and the Hotel Tower of Terror

I recently started to seriously collect Disney pins. I've got a few that I've purchased in the parks over the years but I decided that I wanted to focus my collection. So as I mentioned earlier I chose the Hollywood Tower of Terror event from 2004.

I also promised I'd show some of the pins. This great example is a Limited Edition of 500. It came in a black box with HTH on the cover in silver. This is a photo of the actual pin that I purchased from eBay. It's in immaculate condition and the photo doesn't do it justice.

The pin is based on the artwork of Eric Robinson a piece entitled "Lightning Strikes Twice". How do I know all of this? Because I looked it up on . If you're planning on collecting Disney pins this site is invaluable.

Also, as I've said before you'll need an auction sniper. My choice was Myibay Auction Bid Sniper. This tool allows you to enter your maximum bid, shut off your computer and go to bed. It will only bid in the increment necessary for you to win. It's very simple to use and they offer a free thirty day trial. I got mine from and it's available for both Windows and in Firefox for Mac users. After the 30 days this simple to use program is only $12.95 with free updates for life. Best of all you don't have to give your credit card info up front. The trial is really free!!

Anyways, if your looking to do some serious bidding on eBay and need an auction sniper you should really check it out!

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