Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evan Marshall's Template Generator Saves the Day!

I was doing some revision work on my romantic suspense novel last night and came across a scene that just wasn't working. I wrangled with it for a couple of hours and seriously considered pitching the whole thing.

Why was it there anyway? Should I just cut it out and paste it into my junk file? Today I had the brilliant idea of looking back at my Marshall Template Generator. I'd filled it out faithfully and was pretty sure that I didn't put anything in that wasn't necessary for furthering the plot.

Sure enough there it was and it was necessary. I must have been having one of those days at the keyboard because my template told me exactly what my conflict was and I'd even typed in some notes as to how I'd accomplish it.

Those notes allowed me to fix the scene to make my novel stronger.

Thanks Evan:)

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