Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Reduce Junk Mail and Telemarketing Calls

Are you sick of all those credit card offers and junk mail you're getting? How about those annoying telemarketer calls? Well here's some information to help you get off all of those lists.

  • First go to and register all of your phone numbers. Include cell numbers and don't forget the kids numbers as well. The registration is now permanent. If you don't want to do it online you can call the registry at 1-888-382-1222
  • To reduce unsolicited mail you can contact the Direct Marketing Association at PO Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512 or print out an online form at You have to print the form off and mail it in. It takes quite awhile but will stop some of the random mail that is sent your way.
  • Every year companies that you do business with such as insurance, loan instituions, and phone companies will send you a privacy policy. Don't pitch it! They often give your information to third party marketing companies. The privacy policy will contain a toll free number so you can opt-out of receiving any offers from those companies.
  • When you order online you are often added to mailing lists. If their is a comment box on their registration form specify that you do not wish to receive mailings. Sometimes they will have boxes giving you the option of receiving mailings. These boxes are often prechecked so make sure you uncheck them.
  • Keep in mind that any time you sign up for a drawing you are putting yourself on a mailing/call list. Make a note on the back of the form that you don't wish to be included on their mailing list if the prize is too good to pass up or ask if you can give them an email address instead.
  • Contact he four major credit bureaus and opt-out of the credit card prescreens that generate all of those credit card offers. You must do this for every name you are receiving offers for. Experian, Equifax, Innovis and TransUnion have joined together to create a website to make this easy. Just go to and fill in the information. Check whether you wish to opt out for five years or permanently and send.

You'll have to do this everytime you move or change phone numbers to keep your junk mail to a minimum.

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