Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School House Rocks! Still Going Strong

Photo courtesy of sodahead

I made the decision to buy the School House Rocks! dvd for my daughter when she was in elementary school. She was learning her mulitplication tables and after a few frustrating sessions I thought If only she could watch School House Rocks!. That was how I learned my own multiplication tables since it was conveniently aired between my Saturday morning cartoons. So I found the dvd and bought it for her. She had lots of fun watching it and it helped her learn her multiplication tables as well.

Last week I was telling my daughter, who is now a teen that I was thinking of introducing a bill to Congress. This was directly after the little incident with the telemarketer. She asked if I knew how to do that. I can find out I replied. You can always watch School House Rocks! she suggested. And she's right. School House Rocks! will even tell you the stages a bill goes through to get to Congress.
So I was poking around the net today and came across some cool puzzles and games that are based on the School House Rocks! series and thought you might be interested. You can download them for free. I also found out that some kids are producing it as a play for their school programs. How fun is that?! I'm just glad that one of my childhood favorites hasn't gone the way of Heckle and Jeckle. Don't know who that is? Well it was this cartoon that aired back in . . . . . never mind.

Anyways, they have the School House Rocks! soundtrack on CD and I'm thinking it'll make a great Christmas gift for anyone with kids in elementary school. They can just pop it in and they'll learn without even realizing it. If you've moved on to iPods or MP3's I've yet to find a place to download the album. If you know of a site then leave it in comments.

In the meantime, ROCK ON!!


Rhonda said...

Oh yeah!

I used to watch that program! Good to know it's on DVD. I want my kids to be able to see all the good "classics" from back in the day.

Lela said...

We were JUST talking about this at dinner last week. My kids are doing government units in school too. We had plans to break out the DVDs, but got busy with baths and homework. I love those tunes, and since I bought the DVD several years ago, I've found new favorites - like Lolly-Lolly-Lolly-Get-Your-Adverbs-Here! Did you know there is also a CD that came out in the 1990s where rock bands covered many of the School House Rock classics? Sweet!