Friday, September 26, 2008

How William Shatner Can Make You a Better Writer

Okay, so maybe he won't personally make you a better writer but his shows will. When you're writing a novel there has to be conflict, conflict and more conflict. Plus, you've got to keep more than one ball in the air (substitute subplot) at one time.

If you're ever stumped in your fiction writing put on an old episode of Star Trek. Not only did Captain Kirk have the Klingons imminent attack to worry about he also had a ship full of Tribles or was stuck on a planet and the transporter was down and some green woman was coming on to him. If you don't have the DVD's of Star Trek CBS supplies them free of charge here

If you're not a Trekkie then try out Boston Legal. I caught an episode the other night. Not only did they have a court battle going on Alan was pitted against an old love whom he still had feelings for, Denny was having impotence problems and his inventive ringtones were continually going off in court, and he was having problems procuring a cheerleader uniform from Shirley which he felt certain would solve the matter. And they wrapped it up in an hour.

So, if your novel seems droopy in spots catch an episode of Star Trek and let William Shatner show you the way to maintaining suspense. Just stay away from green women unless you're writing scifi.

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